“Danes Change Mind on Film Squabble”

Spokane Daily Chronicle – Apr. 22, 1952

COPENHAGEN, Denmark, April 23 (AP)—The Danish foreign office offered today to forget all the fuss it made about Hollywood’s version of the life of Hans Christian Andersen. All it wants is to supply a short subject to go with the main feature.

The foreign office had blasted Hollywood producer Sam Goldwyn’s film on the Danish story teller—which stars Danny Kaye—as “incorrect.” But today the government had a change of heart and cabled Goldwyn, offering to make the whole business a joint Danish-American affair.
A spokesman explained the foreign office wants the Goldwyn opus to be accompanied by a Danish-produced, and Danish-financed, documentary. It would show among other things the small, half-timbered house where Andersen was born.

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