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December 9, 1964 - Imogene Coca, Tony Bennett -

You don’t want to miss this episode! A sketch featuring Danny, Imogene Coca, and Harvey Korman is pure comedy gold. You’ll be rolling on the floor with laughter! Harvey Korman, at one point, has the role of a Japanese father. There’s just one problem. His fake beard won’t stay on. It falls to the floor. Korman and Coca manage to continue the scene (with some grins and giggles mixed in), but once Danny enters ad-libs and improvisations fly!… more

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The Best of the Danny Kaye Show

September 25, 1963 - Jackie Cooper - Appropriately featured on this disc is Episode 1, with a spectacular opening number by–no, not Danny; a special guest star is revealed. While other sites will plainly tell you who that guest star is, I prefer to keep it a secret. Why? Even though the sequence is short, the hilarity is in who is revealed in what should have been… more

Christmas with Danny Kaye

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