“Hollywood Happenings”

The Sherbrooke Telegram – May 7, 1953

Try This On Your Voice Box When You Have A Couple Of Hours

Years ago elocution teachers beamed with pride when their students mastered “She sells sea shells by the sea shore.” Danny Kaye’s “Knock on Wood” script writers presented him with a line which would turn those elocution teachers green with fear, but the double talk artist did it in one dialogue “take.” It’s from the song where he sings with seven of his ventriloquist dummies. I’ve had a chance to read the line, but I still doubt that I can do it. Anyway, here goes—“There’s Brodnik and Gromek and Brutchik and Shaslik. And Gromek got it from Brodnik and gave it to Shaslik, who brought it to Brutchik. The stuff was in Clarence, but also in Terence but they didn’t know Clarence from Terence, or Terence from Clarence, so Gromek killed Shaslik—the first Shaslik. The second Shaslik got Papinek”! Still don’t know where Papinek came from. Ah, well, guess we’ll have to wait until Paramount releases “Knock on Wood.”

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