“Danny Kaye Is Latest Actor To Complain About Overwork”

Reading Eagle – Aug. 6, 1946

By: Bob Thomas

Hollywood, Aug. 7 (AP) – Most of the acting folk out there suffer the delusion that they work too hard. Latest to advance this nonsense is Danny Kaye.

“I’m tired,” he sighed as he rested from impersonating Walter Mitty. “For four months I’ve been working from 8 to 6 without a day off.”

The Brooklynite with the tinted hair may have more grounds than most of his acting brethren for complaining of overwork what with the way he bounces around for his roles. Anyway, he always looks tired when he’s not in front of the camera.

“After this picture I’m going to take a long rest,” he reiterated. “Yes, I’d like to sit on my derriere and play golf all day.” A novel way to play the game, but then * * *

However, he has almost nothing on tap for the future. He makes but one picture a year for Goldwyn. He has kissed off his radio show, which never quite clicked. He has no plans for stage and hasn’t made a record in five years. His biggest project in coming months: “Chewing my nails until the baby is born.”

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