What Not to Wear: A Time and Place for Bathrobes
The Montreal Gazette - Aug. 13, 2012
By: Susan Schwartz

The actor Danny Kaye came to Montreal to perform when I was a girl, and after the show I found myself momentarily in his dressing room--having been nudged backstage by my father, a long-time fan who thought it would be nice for me to meet Danny Kaye.

Three things about that encounter remain clear, all these years later: That he wasn't pleasant or funny the way he had been onstage; in fact, he said something like "Get that kid out of here--now!" That he looked exhausted as he slumped in a chair. And that he was wearing a navy blue silk robe, the dark fabric a sharp contrast against his pale skin.

I don't like robes--or bathrobes or housecoats or dusters whatever you call them. I don't like wearing them, and I don't like seeing other people wearing them. They speak to me of vulnerability, for one: You wear a robe when you're feeling poorly or, as Kaye must have been after his performance, drained.

The rest of the article does not speak about Danny, and was therefore not included here.

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