“Danny Kaye Is One Comedian Who Still Shies From Video”

Spokane Daily Chronicle – Oct. 12, 1953

By: Aline Mosby

HOLLYWOOD, Oct. 10. (UP) – Danny Kaye is the only big-name comedian who hasn’t invaded television, and today he announced he’s still a hold-out.

So far the little home screens have claimed Red Skelton, Jack Benny, Fred Allen, Groucho Marx and Martin and Lewis. Bob Hope has appeared on video; old-timers like Ed Wynn have joined the new medium.

Dramatic movie players from Loretta Young to Joan Crawford have launched TV programs and even Ava Gardner made a guest appearance.

But Danny has never once faced the TV cameras.

“The real reason I’ve never done television is I don’t know what kind of show I’d have,” he admitted as he and Bing Crosby rested on the sidelines of their movie set between scenes.

“I’m not exactly a comedian, but more of an entertainer.

“Then, I’m also busy with movies now and I want to return to doing performances on the stage.”

Kaye doesn’t think TV is such a terrific medium for comedians, anyway.

Standards Hard to Keep

“You just can’t give a weekly show, or even a monthly, or less than that, and come up to the standard you set for yourself,” he went on.

“You hit a peak and then don’t come up to it again for a while. There’s too wide a diversion between the comedy show you see on TV. You can’t maintain a standard year after year.

“TV’s here to stay, though,” he added. “I’ll eventually do one show, I guess, some year but not until I figure out what I’d do.”

Meantime he’s costarring with Crosby, Vera-Ellen and Rosemary Clooney in a wide-screen Paramount musical, “White Christmas.” Besides turning down TV, Kaye has refused to appear in any 3-D-with-glasses epics. He says 3-D is like “looking through a narrow window—not natural.”

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