“Danny Kaye Starring In Special Show Here”

The Calgary Herald – Nov. 3, 1967

A Hollywood writer once remarked, “If Danny Kaye had not been born no one could have invented him.”

This may well be true, for Danny Kaye is among show business headliners. He has starred on Broadway, in motion pictures, and on radio and television. He has been a box-office smash on the one-man concert stage, a successful recording artist and a record-breaking night club entertainer.

Now is to appear in Calgary at the Jubilee Auditorium, Nov. 15, with the Israel National Youth Symphony under the sponsorship of the Calgary Jewish Community Council and United Jewish Appeal on behalf of the youth of Israel.

Offered His Services

“The world and its work belong to the youth,” he said recently. “Because I believe so deeply in the young I have offered my services. In recent months the youth of Israel have defended their young nation against an attempt at total annihilation. Their courage is on record for all to see. Nor can they now afford to relax. Israel must rebuild and reconstruct. And Israel must at the same time keep her door wide open to Jews from all over the world, especially those who come as refugees from persecution.

“The youth in Israel embodies all that Israel stands for—vitality, creativity, independence and the ability to turn to the things of the spirit. Many of the young Israelis are themselves refugee immigrants. To their credit they have turned away from the sorrows of the past. They are free of bitterness and face the future as it can only be faced by those young in heart and spirit.

“I am proud and happy to be able to join them.”

This fabulous comic, to whom the whole world is literally a stage, was born in New York City Jan. 18, 1913. His father, a recent emigrant from Russia, had become a worker in the garment industry.

Fired From First Job

Danny attended Public School 149 and Thomas Jefferson High. After graduating [Danny actually dropped out of high school. - J.N. webmistress; March 1966, The Danny Kaye Story, pg 60] and being fired from an insurance company for losing about $40,000 because he could not make estimates he resolved to become an entertainer, even if he starved doing it.

After three years of working for the Borsch circuit he became a third in The Terpsichorean Trio [In Kurt Singer's The Danny Kaye Story, pg 52, the act was called The Three Terpsichoreans - J.N. webmistress] and went with them on a tour of the Orient.

After his return to the U.S. he faced five years which were among the hardest of his existence. He did a few radio shows, vaudeville, resort places. Finally he joined the Straw Hat Revue and things began to pick up. When he went into La Martinique in New York City it proved to be one of the most successful runs in night club history. This was followed by star roles in Lady in the Dark and Let’s Face It. Then it was a whole string of Hollywood movies. Maybe it was at this time that he realized he was a frustrated Toscanini and decided he would do something about it.

First, though, he was ambassador-at-large for the United Nations International Children’s Fund. In this capacity he traveled the world, with a diplomatic portfolio.

Trim, Athletic Man

What kind of a man is Danny Kaye? At 54 he stands an even six feet and weighs a trim and athletic 155 pounds. He thrives on work and his powers of concentration are such that he blots out everything else, often seeming distant and even rude to the people who have not been around him long enough to understand that he simply hasn’t seen or heard them.

Kaye is a perfectionist professional but not a martinet. At work, six full days a week, he lives out of a comfortable bungalow built for him by CBS on the Television City roof, hard by the rehearsal halls. The bungalow also is used for strip and staff-conferenced musical sessions and publicity interviews.

Aside from flying, his chief means of relaxation is cooking. He thinks nothing of inviting a dozen people home for dinner after a full day’s rehearsal, for whom he will cook a complete Chinese dinner on a special stove built in a special Chinese kitchen he had added to his home in 1963.

With no television shows this fall, Danny Kaye spent the summer entertaining the troops in Israel and visiting the troops of both the Israeli-Arab war and the war in Vietnam.

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