Assignment Children (1955)

Assignment: Children was a short filmed with the assistance of Paramount. It captured one of Danny's first experiences with the United Nations' UNICEF as he toured various countries entertaining children. The short not only captured these precious moments but was meant to help teach people around the world what UNICEF was all about and how they were helping to keep children healthy through food and vaccinations.

Danny on his experience: "The first time I saw a case of yaws. I almost fainted from horror. It is one of the most awful diseases to see. Yaws are boils, one right after another. A person has them for years. If they break out on his feet, he can't walk--on the hands, and he can't work. And think, one single shot of penicillin can cure the infection. My job was to keep the kids laughing while the nurses and doctors filled the hypodermic needles."

Film Information

Filmed: June 14 - July 2, 1954

Released: February 9, 1955
(Koenig, David.
Danny Kaye: King of Jesters, pg 170)


“Helping World’s Children” - article about Assignment: Children, Mar. 1955

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