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These are not actual reviews.

However, these articles were small and contain excellent opinions on Danny from other cast and crew, including Bing! So I decided to lump them all together under the Review page.

The interesting "reviews" related to Danny appear in yellow.


From a column titled “Hollywood Today!”
The Daily Reporter – Oct. 22, 1953
By: Erskine Johnson (NEA Staff Correspondent)

           For the sake of harmony in their many duets together, Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye are playing tricks with their voices in “White Christmas.”
            Danny’s singing tenor instead of his normal baritone, and Bing’s lowered his singing for better voice separation. But forget rumors that there’s no harmony between them as individuals.
            Bing surprised Director Mike Curtiz when he gave Danny one of his key lines “You’re a generous actor,” said Mike.
            “I worry about the picture, not myself,” explained Bing.
Predicts Curtiz: “Paramount will costar Bing and Danny in a movie a year after this one. I’ve never seen two personalities meld together like they do. They mix like the ingredients of a good cocktail.”


“Compares Kaye To Jim Thorpe”
Lewiston Evening Journal – Dec. 4, 1954

           “Danny Kaye is the world’s greatest performer. He’s to show business what Jim Thorpe was to sports.”
            That’s Bing Crosby’s appraisal of Danny, with whom he starred recently, with Rosemary Clooney and Vera-Ellen, in Irving Berlin’s “White Christmas” for Paramount.
“Danny Kaye,” said Bing, in naming him the all-time greatest performer in show business, “has everything it takes. He can act, dance, sing and clown. The man is absolutely sensational. Catch his new comedy, ‘Knock on Wood’ and see what I mean.”
            Crosby, who has completed his first, heavy dramatic role at Paramount in Perlberg and Seaton’s “The Country Girl,” is so high in praise of Kaye’s ability that he said flatly, “There should be two of him. He’s the most.
            “Irving Berlin, who wrote the tune for ‘White Christmas,’ is working up another movie for Danny and me. That’ll be the day.”


From: the White Christmas DVD - Special Feature
"A Look Back With Rosemary Clooney"

Rosemary Clooney: "Danny was brilliant. Danny was funny. Danny, without giving once ounce of control, he, as well as all of us, were aware that it was Bing's show. And he would make Bing laugh. And that would be his really happiest moment of the day, if he could think of something really ridiculous to make Bing laugh. And he was very fond of him. And Bing was wonderful. Bing was a different kind of a man, though, he was not that close to a lot of people. So I could see some disappointment sometimes with Danny because he wanted to be closer to him, but it wasn't easy."

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