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Dena Kaye announces the Centennial celebration on The Today Show
Interview with Dena Kaye on The Leonard Lopate Show via the
Official Danny Kaye Site (posted 1/10/13)
Interview with Dena Kaye on
Art on Air (aired 12/17/12)
Interview with Dena Kaye by Donna Walker (KPFK 90.7 FM) via the
Official Danny Kaye Site (posted 1/14/13)

Danny Kaye and Sylvia Fine had one daughter, born on December 17, 1946 in New York.
There are two obvious similarities that she shares with her father--a love of traveling and a love of cooking.

List of Various Video Interviews

“A Portrait of Danny Kaye,” a special feature from 20th Century Fox’s On the Riviera DVD, 2007 release

“Danny Kaye: A Joy to the World,” a special feature on Paramount’s White Christmas DVD, Anniversary Edition, 2009 release

Click Here to see pictures of Dena from Danny's The Five Pennies

Many might wonder if Dena is in the entertainment business since both her parents were involved in show business. That is not the case, however. Today, Dena Kaye is a successful writer. During high school, she lived for a time in France to attend school and learn the culture (March 1986).In 1969, at the age of 22, she wrote an article about her father, "Life With My Zany Father--Danny Kaye." She has worked in the travel department of The Saturday Review for five years as Horace Sutton's assistant, as a staff correspondent for World magazine (June 1972). She has also written many articles for Town & Country (May 1980). She also worked as a travel reporter for CBS Morning News (March 1986). Her book, The Traveling Woman, was first printed in 1980.

Below you will find various articles that Dena has written over the years:

Architectural Digest Articles
by Dena Kaye

"Latitude Adjustment" (article) (slide show)

"Udaivilas" (article) (slide show)

"The Aspen Mountain Club"

"Dena Kaye: Transforming Women's Lives, One Loom at a Time, in Almora, India"
(pdf file)

The Saturday Review Articles
by Dena Kaye

"Into the Midnight Twilight" (Aug. 14, 1973)

"Open Sandwich, Open City" (Aug. 28, 1973)

Here is a list of articles and interviews I've gathered:

"Danny Kaye's Centennial Year--
Renaissance For a Renaissance Man"
- interview with Dena Kaye; Oct. 2012

“Travel expert offers advice for novice sightseers” - interview with Danny's daughter, Dena, about traveling and her father; March 1986

“Travel writer’s life not that glamorous, says Dena Kaye” - interview with Dena; Feb. 1982

“A woman alone: choosing your traveling companion with care” - portion of an article written by Dena about her mother; May 1980

“Kaye’s Daughter Not Interested In Acting” - interview with Danny's daughter, Dena, about her and her father; May 1980

“Travel writer attends party saluting hotel” - interview with Danny's daughter, Dena, about her book and her father; May 1980

“Danny Kaye’s daughter leads happy, normal life in N.Y.C.” - lengthy interview with Danny's daughter, Dena; June 1972 - includes picture

“Life with My Zany Father—Danny Kaye” - article written by Dena Kaye about life with her father; Jan. 1969

“Daughter of Danny Kaye Has Role in Pop’s Picture” - small interview with Danny regarding The Five Pennies; Dec. 1958 - with screencaps

“Baby Girl Born to Mrs. Danny Kaye” - brief article about Dena's birth; Dec. 1946

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