Copyright remains with the original copyright holders on all images. Movie screencaps on this site were captured by me. All other images were found on the Internet and have been gathered here for your enjoyment and education of Danny.

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Any embedded YouTube videos were created by me. The other links were uploaded by other Danny Kaye fans and have been compiled here for your convenience.

The Personality Page
The quotes found on the Personality page have been compiled from various articles and books. Sources are documented. Danny's MBTI personality type is only a hypothesis and my opinion. My thoughts on his Bipolar (manic depression) are just that--my thoughts! There has never been any confirmed, documented proof that Danny had Bipolar. The Personality page is a place where I have done my best to compile information in order to form an educated opinion, but it is still only an opinion!

Newspaper Articles
All newspaper articles are real and accurately retyped by myself as best as possible. Some small portions of articles were not clearly readable; as a result, those articles are listed with the proper disclaimer. All articles from the '40s thru the '80s were found via Google's News Archives. Many hours of research went into finding these articles and retyping them! So please give credit where credit is due!

All quotes and information were pulled from various articles (most of which appear on this site) and books. I have attempted to document all my sources when quoting or listing information. The only exception to this is the Facts & Trivia page. Most of the information on that page can be found in many articles and other sources, which would be too numerous to list.

This Site
Once again, this site is not associated in any way with Danny's family or estate. This is solely a fan-operated site! No copyright infringement is intended in any way. This site is meant to be an educational and informative look into Danny's life.

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