Video Footage

There is a great site called British Pathe, a news and entertainment video film archive from Britain.
By searching their site, you can find some wonderful footage of Danny, especially from the late '40s. This includes footage of Danny and Sylvia together.

Below I have listed links to the videos I have found which include footage of Danny and Sylvia.
At the moment, all video links will take you to the British Pathe site. Footage from other sites will be noted as such.

Danny and Sylvia Arrive in England - (1948) (Sound) - Footage of Danny and Sylvia stepping off the plane together, being greeted by a large crowd, a band, and a reporter.

Danny and Sylvia Arrive in England - News Footage - (1948) (Sound) - This is a news reel clip of the same event listed above. Better close-ups and sound quality of the interview with Danny on the stairs of the plane (with Sylvia beside him).

Royal Command Performance - (1948) (Sound) - Halfway through the footage (after Danny sings "Minnie the Moocher"), Danny introduces his pianist and friend, Sammy Prager. He then introduces Sylvia, who was sitting in the audience that night. (The camera stays focused on Danny and does not pan over to her.) Danny comments about this being Sylvia's first time in England, and you get to hear the loud applause as he introduces her.

Danny and Sylvia at the Academy Awards - (1947) (Silent) - Very brief shot of Danny and Sylvia together at the Academy Awards (about 12 seconds into the footage)

Video Footage Links from BBC Motion Gallery.

Revealing of his wax figure for Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum - this footage is slightly different than what can be found on British Pathe's site and includes glimpses of Sylvia

...arriving in England on the Queen Elizabeth - with Sylvia (circa 1950), includes brief interview

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