The photos below were taken on August 18, 1986 at Danny's home in Beverly Hills, California by Allan Warren, 8 months before his death. (Courtesy of Theresa ... Thanks!)

“I think he accomplished a huge amount and was aware of that and was very happy with the things he accomplished. The night he was admitted to Cedar-Sinai, which was the final night that he was awake, he held my hand and said, ‘There’s so much more that I want to do.’”

- Danny's friend, Dr. Avrum Bluming

In 1985, Danny made a guest appearance in an episode of The Twilight Zone, "Paladin of the Lost Hour."

On February 2, 1986, an episode of the sitcom The Cosby Show featured guest star, Danny Kaye, as the Huxtables' dentist, Dr. Burns. The majority of his scenes were in the dentist office with the children Rudy Huxtable and her friend, Peter. This was Danny's last appearance on film, and it was a wonderful way to go out . . . entertaining children . . . like he did so well.

Final Interviews

"True Blue and Knows History, Too" (April 1986)

“Danny Kaye Uses His Musical Talent To Benefit Others” (September 1985)

“Following heart surgery recovery, Kaye says he’s ready to work” (March 1985)

“He’s a master at playing the guessing game” (December 1984)


Danny began his work with UNICEF in the mid-1950s and continued until his death. Here is a small portion from a larger article titled "Festivities, High Ideals In U.N. Opening Session."
[Herald-Journal, Sept. 16, 1986. N. Y. Times News Service]

"While delegates conducted formal business inside the General Assembly, celebrities gathered with hundreds of children, diplomats and other U.N. supporters on the world body's grounds in celebrations marking the International Day of Peace.
Schoolchildren in white t-shirts with messages of peace held hands and galloped along with Danny Kaye, a longtime UNICEF supporter, as he led them to the U.N. front lawn."

This event occurred in September 1986, seven months before his death.

(L to R) Dena Kaye, Danny, and Sylvia Fine Kaye

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