The Danny Kaye Show - author David Koenig’s blog

Insanely Talented - Danny Kaye  Fanlisting

Biographical - this site contains an extensive discography beneath the biographical summary (which is not entirely accurate as it says that Dena was adopted, and she is not)

The Definitive Danny Kaye Show Radio Log - an excellent page on the details and history of Danny Kaye’s radio program The Danny Kaye Show

CTVA US Music Variety - The Danny Kaye Show- detailed information of each episode


New York Philharmonic - lots of great photos, including colored ones from the late ‘70s and early ‘80

Corbis Images - type in “Danny Kaye” and you’ll find a nice assortment - website offering posters . . . Some really nice ones of Danny

The Danny Kaye Appreciation Blog - pictures and comments

* Official Danny Kaye Website *

Library of Congress Presents…

The Danny Kaye and Sylvia Fine Kaye Collection

UNICEF - the organization’s page on Danny Kaye


The Danny Kaye Show - mp3 files for download of Danny’s radio show; also search for some of Danny’s songs

Old Time Radio Catalog - great site for purchasing CDs of old radio programs (including Danny’s), also a variety of information


Royal Command Performance at the Palladium - 9 minutes worth of rare clips from Danny's performance at the Palladium in 1948!!!


Cole Porter’s Let’s Face It - information including cast list, musical numbers, and other credits

Lyrics of Cole Porter - (includes lyrics from Let’s Face It)

Brian Childers - official website for the man who played Danny Kaye in the musical Danny and Sylvia

Kimberly Faye Greenburg - official website for the woman who played Danny Kaye in the musical Danny and Sylvia

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