On the Riveria (1951)


Danny won a Golden Globe for his role(s) on On the Riveria

Nominated for an Oscar for Best Art Direction-Set Decoration, Color & Best Music, Scoring of a Musical Picture

On The Riviera was Danny's only movie produced at Twentieth-Century Fox. So far I have not found many reviews from that time, so I don't know how well it did at the box office or amongst the public. The DVD put out by Fox has been restored and looks wonderful. It also includes some Special Features including a half-hour feature about Danny with interviews from various people, including Danny's daughter, Dena. The DVD is well-worth owning just for that particular feature! I have to admit, however, that on first viewing this particular movie didn't jump out at me as being one of the best. The script is okay, but the storyline seems familiar and predictable. Yet Danny's performance is superb. He plays two different, completely unrelated characters--Jack Martin the American performer who does various impersonations, and Henri Duran the French pilot. Jack Martin is the first character the audience is introduced to. And, honestly, when Danny appeared onscreen as Henri Duran, I had to mentally remind myself that this was indeed the same man who was playing Jack Martin. With the slightly changed appearance (hair graying at the sides, mustache, and monocle), the French accent, and the way he carried himself, you really get the feeling that you're watching two different actors, not one! Danny is charming, as he always is, but I found myself wanting more excitement from the plot. The movie seemed to end too quickly with me thinking "That's it?" The movie isn't all that bad, however. It is a cute movie, just slightly mediocre compared to some of his other films. Danny is fun to watch, and the two female costars (Gene Tierney and Corinne Calvet) are definitely beautiful and entertaining. They both have some great moments onscreen with Danny. If the movie is to be appreciated for anything, though, it is definitely for the fact that it captured Danny performing his popular song "Ballin' the Jack." His performance of the song was smooth, graceful, and sexy.

Film Information

Filmed: Sept. 18 - mid-Dec. 1950, late Feb. 1951

Released: May 25, 1951
(Koenig, Davd.
Danny Kaye: King of Jesters, pg 137)

Released through Twentieth-Century Fox

Second movie where Danny played two different characters, the first being Wonder Man

Danny performed his popular, much-requested song “Ballin’ the Jack” in this movie

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