“Jet Pilot Danny Kaye Really Gets Around” (December 2, 1966)

“It’s not emotional trauma for me. I’m as prepared to go to Calcutta right now as I am to Denver. Traveling to me is a part of my occupation. I love coming to work, but I love to travel too. Most people make a big production of going on a trip. Not me. I just pack a bag and I’m off. When I’m piloting a plane all I think about is being a pilot. Show business never enters my head. I had a week off recently and went straight to Hong Kong to shoot some film and to spend most of my time in a Chinese kitchen. I came back to Hollywood nine days later and I felt as if I’d been away for six months. I don’t have a compulsion to keep active. It’s simply doing something away from my profession which re-energizes me and stimulates my mind and body.”

“Laughter’s The World Language” (November 8, 1964)

“I flew an hour and a half on Saturday morning before we did the show [The Danny Kaye Show]. Then, when I came back, we had a run-through at 1 o’clock, then a dress rehearsal, then the show. After that I took six people home with me and cooked a Chinese dinner for them.”

"Danny Kaye Likes Air" (July 24, 1962)

“The accomplishment of flying is one of the great thrills of the world.”

"Danny Kaye Quits Golf For Hobby of Flying" (May 1961)

“I got this to keep away from people. I don’t find myself talking about makeup and show business with those fellows. They speak to me like I work in a hangar.”

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