The Lyons Den Column
Lawrence Journal-World – Jan. 4, 1960
By: Leonard Lyons

Danny Kaye suddenly became interested in learning to fly a plane, and last week finally succeeded in passing his first solo-flight exam. He’s now studying navigation . . . When his teacher sent Kaye aloft for his first solo flight, his advice was brief, and all-encompassing: “Danny, don’t get killed.”

The Lyons Den Column
Lawrence Journal-World – May 2, 1960
By: Leonard Lyons

Danny Kaye’s newest passion is flying. He bought a twin-engine plane but can’t get a pilot’s license until he is able to pass his navigation exam. Recently Kaye rushed home to his 13-year-pold daughter, Dena, and asked her: “Do you remember how to do long division?” . . . “Yes,” said the child. . . . Kaye, whose brief schooling did not include much arithmetic, asked his daughter, “Can you teach me?” She’s teaching him.

Column By Erskine Johnson
Park City Daily News – Oct. 27, 1960
(Hollywood Correspondent, Newspaper Enterprise Assn.)

Before acquiring his airplane pilot’s license, Danny Kaye and his instructor, Dick Weaver, took off from a Riverside, Calif., airport for a series of in-flight map reading tests. After Danny successfully navigated the plane between a number of check points, Weaver said:
“Now I’ll get you lost and then we’ll see if you can take us to the San Diego airport.”
Lost Danny became, with no further word from Weaver who sat in the cockpit beside him calmly filing his fingernails. Finally the instructor looked down and then turned to Danny.
“Say, Danny,” he said, “do you like enchiladas?”
“Sure,” replied the sweating Danny, looking in vain for the water tower marked on his map.
“Well, then,” said Weaver, “let’s go down and get some. You’re just four minutes from the Mexican border and headed straight for it.”
Danny found San Diego – 30 minutes later.

Earl Wilson’s Column
St. Joseph Gazette – Nov. 1, 1960

Paramount restricted Danny Kaye to flying his new plane only on weekends – and no soloing – till he finishes “On the Double”

The Lyons Den Column
Reading Eagle – Apr. 6, 1961
By: Leonard Lyons

Danny Kaye, an avid pilot, was forbidden to fly during the filming of “On the Double.” As soon as the movie was finished, Kaye resumed his flying. He put in so much time in his twin-engined plane that he’s only 50 hours away from eligibility for a commercial license. He’s been up in his plane so much that he was notified by the Motor Vehicle Bureau that his driver’s license has expired.

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