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The above videos were created by me and can be found on my YouTube channel.

The rest of the documentary, The Secret Life of Danny Kaye, can be found on my channel.

There are a number of wonderful Danny Kaye-related clips on YouTube that have been uploaded by many wonderful fans! Below are links to just some of the many videos, none of which are mine, by the way. They have been compiled here in sections for your convenience.


The Danny Kaye Show

The Danny Kaye Show 1967 - a short, but hilarious clip of Danny translating a French song line by line

       Color Version - this is a French interview with Mireille Mathieu but includes the above clip in color starting at about 1:19

Performances, Interviews, & Appearances

Danny Kaye Interview - (1981)

Danny Kaye and Erik Bye - (1971) portion of a program in which Danny appeared with a chorus of children

Danny Kaye in Finland - (1971) portion of a program in which Danny appeared; children singing Jingle Bells

Monica Lewis - Danny Kaye tour Korea - (1951) Footage (no sound, only background music). There are various shots of Danny as well as his pianist, Sammy Prager

The Inspector General (1949) Outtake

Danny Kaye Documentary - (1994) part 1        part 2        part 3        part 4

The Muppet Show S3 E16 P1/3 - Danny's appearance on The Muppet Show (1978) - Part 1        Part 2        Part 3

What's My Line? - Danny's 1st appearance as a Mystery Guest

What's My Line? - Danny's 2nd appearance as a Mystery Guest

Angela Lansbury Short Interview - talks about Mr. Popper's Penguins, Jim Carrey, and her favorite comedic actor...Danny Kaye

Danny Kaye-related Musicals

Danny & Sylvia @ St. Luke's Theater - clips & interview

Danny & Sylvia Special Appearance

The Kid From Brooklyn: The Danny Kaye Musical

Kid From Brooklyn Cast at Cicada Club

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