Wonder Man (1945)

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Danny plays twins in Wonder Man. Buzzy Bellew (birth name: Buster Dingle) is a performer. He was set to testify against Ten Grand Jackson after witnessing a murder. But before he can testify Ten Grand Jackson is released on bail and sends a couple of his men to murder Buzzy Bellew. Buzzy's ghost seeks out his identical twin brother, Edwin Dingle, a bookworm who spends all his time in a library.

In order to help his dead brother, Edwin agrees to help testify against Ten Grand Jackson by posing as Buzzy. But Edwin has no experience in performing. So Buzzy's ghost helps Edwin out by taking over his body in order to more effectively pull off the scheme. After one particular performance, however, Edwin has a drink of champagne. Clearly Edwin is not used to having a drink. After just one he's wasted. As a result, Buzzy gets drunk, as well. I'm still not sure how a ghost can get drunk, but this particular scene is simply hilarious! Buzzy's ghost is now drunk and heads to the bar to get a bromo. However, being a  ghost no one but Edwin can hear him. So the bartender has no clue Buzzy is there. Furthermore, Buzzy can't pick anything up anyway. What follows is a hilarious drunk routine by Danny!

BUZZY BELLEW: Oh, what kind of a constitution does that brother of mine got? I'll never let him take another drink while I'm inside him. Never.

   (Buzzy steps up to the bar.)

BUZZY BELLEW: Hello, Charley. Hey, give me a bromo, will you? Hey, Charley, let me have a bromo, will you? Let me have a bromo, will you, please, Charley?

   (A drunk man steps up to the bar.)

DRUNK MAN: Charley, let me have a bromo. (He lowers his head in his hand.)

BUZZY BELLEW: It ain't gonna do you any good. I've been standing here for fifteen minutes, and I can't get a bromo. Let me have a bromo.

   (Charley proceeds to pour the drunk man a bromo. After he's done, Buzzy uses his ghostly powers to make the     glass slide over to him.)

BUZZY BELLEW: Thales was right. (He attempts to pick the glass up, but he can't. Since he's a ghost, his hands goes right through the glass.) How do you like that? I finally got the bromo, and I can't pick it up. I can't pick up the bromo.

DRUNK MAN: (Looks up and notices that there is no glass in front of him.) Charley, how 'bout that bromo?

CHARLEY: I just gave you a bromo.

DRUNK MAN: Where is it? (Charley spots the bromo in front of Buzzy--whom he can't see--and sets it back in front of the drunk man.) What'd you run away for?

   (Buzzy once again uses his ghostly powers to slide the glass over to him. The drunk man is about to pick the glass    up when he sees it sliding away.)

DRUNK MAN: Halt or I'll shoot!

BUZZY BELLEW: You'll have to be quicker on the draw, tender foot.

DRUNK MAN: Charley, please let me have a bromo, will you?

   (Buzzy attempts to pick the glass up again with no luck.)

DRUNK MAN: Charley, Charley! Charley. (points to the glass)

CHARLEY: What kind of a game is this you're trying to play? (gives the glass back to the man again)

DRUNK MAN: Don't leave me, pal. Don't leave me alone with this. Don't leave me with it. Here, help me hold it to keep it from squirming. (Charley and the drunk man hold the glass together as he drinks the bromo)

BUZZY BELLEW: (puts his hands to his head) Oh, brother. I wish I were dead.

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