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The Kid From Brooklyn (1946)

The Kid From Brooklyn was definitely one of Danny's most successful films at the box office, despite the fact that the movie was a remake of an earlier 1936 film, The Milky Way. Martin Gottfried, in Nobody's Fool, stated, "The Kid From Brooklyn had become a very popular picture. It was only his third movie, and Danny Kaye was already an American institution. As a matter of fact, from the show-business point of view, he was better than an institution; he was beloved, which meant that people were grateful to pay to love him. And that made him the number-one box-office attraction in the movies" (p. 118).

This was the fourth movie of Danny's that I saw as a child, and it was the first of his movies that I owned (my parents recorded it off TV for me). As a result, I spent a lot of time watching this movie when I was younger, and it remains near and dear to my heart. It's a hilarious movie with a brilliant cast. Walter Abel, Eve Arden, and Lionel Stander were superb, giving off great lines with great timing and interacting beautifully and hysterically with Danny! And, Danny, of course is brilliant in this role, fully convincing you of the change that takes place in his character's personality throughout the film. Some critics claim that the Sylvia Fine song "Pavlova" has no place in the film or that it stands out awkwardly. I don't think so. The song seems perfectly natural when you consider the complete change that Danny's character experiences as a result of all the fame that has gone to his head. This is definitely among the best of Danny's films and well worth watching again and again. [And, if you happen to be one of Danny's female fans, it's also worth mentioning that this particular film finds Danny looking especially handsome. Why this particular film? is about boxing... I'll let you figure out the rest. *wink, wink*]

Film Information

Filmed: June 4 - Oct. 9, Oct. 15, 1945

Released: March 21, 1946
(Koenig, David.
Danny Kaye: King of Jesters, pg 97)

This film is a remake of Harold Lloyd’s The Milky Way (1935) (March 11, 1946)

Lionel Stander was in the original movie, The Milky Way, as Spider Schultz.

Watch a clip from The Milky Way for comparison.

Boxing instructor Johnny Indrisano trained Danny for this film (July 1945).

This is the second movie in which Virginia Mayo’s character refers to Danny’s character as a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. (The first was Wonder Man.)

This is Virginia Mayo’s third movie with Danny.


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