See It Now (1956)

Film Information

Filmed: April - June 3, 1956

Released: December 2, 1956 (CBS @ 5 p.m.)
(Koenig, David.
Danny Kaye: King of Jesters, pg 180)

“Today at 4 on ‘See It Now’ you have a second chance to see the celebrated Peabody Award winning program which has won world-wide acclaim. ‘The Secret Life of Danny Kaye.’ This time presenting the famous comedian clowning his way through eleven nations, including Brooklyn. Follow the joyful trail of Danny’s thrilling mission for UNICEF to help the children of the world. Produced by Edward R. Murrow and Fred W. Friendly. On CBS Television Network […]” [The Milwaukee Sentinel, Oct. 27, 1957.]

The camera crew shot nearly 20,000 feet of film during Danny’s 32,000-mile tour. (June 1956)

In 1956 television audiences were treated to a 90-minute episode of See It Now titled "The Secret Life of Danny Kaye." It was footage compiled from Danny's tour for UNICEF in which he visited various countries. Footage of Danny performing for children, playing with them, and showing all that UNICEF does was included.


“Danny Kaye and Friends on UNICEF” - lengthy, in-depth magazine interview with Danny about UNICEF; Feb. 1957

“Danny Kaye Finally Appears On TV–But UN Style Only” - interview with Danny about his appearance on See It Now; June 1956

“Danny Kaye Films World’s Tots” - article about Danny’s tour for UNICEF and See It Now; June 1956

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