In the other sections of the Personality page, you will find quotes and information regarding Danny's personality. Here is where I put forth some of my theories. There are two aspects I'd like to theorize on:

Theory #1: Danny's darker side and the possibility that he was manic-depressive or bipolar and how that might have affected some of his personality traits.

Martin Gottfried's book, Nobody's Fool, (and possibly Michael Freedland's book, The Secret Life of Danny Kaye) heavily points toward the darker side of Danny: the depression, moodiness, egotism, and rudeness as witnessed by the people Gottfried supposedly interviewed.

Theory #2: My other theory is that Danny had low self-esteem.

Kurt Singer's book, The Danny Kaye Story, has a lot of good quotes and information - directly from Danny himself - and brought to my eyes a new aspect of Danny that I had been suspecting for awhile...low self-esteem. Here you'll not only find quotes from Singer's book, but also quotes by Danny from various interviews. Reading between the lines, one gets a greater feel that this was a man who, unfortunately, did not always think too highly of himself.

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