My Main Goal

When I initially created this site, my intention was to devote a section to who Danny was as a person. He was much more than a talented performer. He has been described as a renaissance man and a genius. Yet he was also human. He had his own faults, his own weaknesses. For example, people have given accounts of his immense ego. Is there a reason behind the ego? Was he really a jerk, as some have claimed? Here is where I delve into the possibilities as to why Danny acted the way he did...


Due to the nature of this topic, I recommend reading each page in the order listed. First, find out what others have said about Danny, then what Danny himself said. Then move onto my theories on his personality type, moodiness, depression, and other traits. It's only after reading through those sections do I recommend visiting the Selected Articles!

Quotes & Info - summary of Danny's personality & what others have said about him

What Danny Has Said - various quotes from Danny from articles and interviews

Personality Type - my guess using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

My Thoughts & Theories - on his moodiness, depression, and other traits

Selected Articles - Warning: These particular articles and reviews contain elements of the darker side of Danny and may taint your view of him, if not read in the proper context. I recommend reading these articles only AFTER you have read My Thoughts & Theories. Do yourself a favor and at least read Theory #1 before reading these articles in order to gain the proper perspective on why Danny might have acted the way he did.

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