This page is part of a larger section on Danny's Personality. If you've reached this page via a search engine or another link, I highly recommend you first read My Thoughts & Theories on Danny's darker side: his depression, ego and moodiness. By doing so, it will help you read the following articles and reviews in the proper context.

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The following articles and reviews have been placed here, separated from the main Articles & Interviews page for one reason: their content. Most articles were respectful of Danny and are pleasant to read. Some, however, show Danny's darker side and are capable of tainting your childhood views on Danny. It is those articles which you will find below.

Please understand that I am not by any means trying to "hide" these articles from Danny's fans. There is already a lot of crap out there on Danny. Simply read some of the comments on places like YouTube or message boards and you'll understand. Pick up a copy of Martin Gottfried's book, Nobody's Fool, and you'll find a lot of trash and inappropriate comments. Now, I realize that everyone has a bad side. I also understand that some people did have a bad experience when meeting Danny. However, my intention for placing these articles here amongst the Personality section is so that they will be read in the proper context, realizing that there might have been more to Danny than some realized . . . possibly depression or Bipolar Disorder. So do yourself a favor and at least read My Thoughts & Theories . . . particularly Theory #1.
After you've done to your heart's content...just don't let it get broken. Danny was still a wonderfully talented and caring man!

"Danny and the Opening of EPCOT Center" - an article with some great background information and also covers some of Danny's 'bad side'; Sept. 2012

"What Not To Wear" - opinion article about the fashion style of bathrobes; the author speaks about Danny in the beginning and meeting him backstage as a young girl; Aug. 2012

“Not So Nice” - brief article of an interviewer describing Danny; July 1983

“Lucky Oscar Goers Gussy Up…” - small snippet from a column about Danny's reaction to some admirers; Mar. 1982

Chatter Column - this column snippet has been placed here as I don't think it necessarily shows Danny in the best light. It's also more gossipy than actual news. June 1975

The Unicef Express: 65 Cities in 5 Days with an Impulsive Danny Kaye - an article from People magazine, referenced by and expanded upon by Martin Gottfried in Nobody's Fool, pp. 308-312. I have no proof as to whether Gottfried's expanded version is true or false; Nov. 1975

Danny’s Ark Leaky Vessel - a highly unfavorable review of the Broadway production Two by Two, includes descriptions of Danny's inappropriate actions during performances (also remarked upon by Martin Gottfried in Nobody's Fool, pp. 295-300); Apr. 1971

"The Sad Comedians: Complex Danny Kaye" - an article which goes over some of Danny's weaknesses and features quotes from unnamed associates; May 1957

“Lensman Meets Stars” - small snippet from a column about Danny's reaction to being filmed on the street; Jan. 1956

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