When did Danny receive his first license?

July 7, 1960 (July 1962)

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Just what could Danny fly?

Danny Kaye: “I always wanted to fly a big jet. So I did fly a DC-10 not long ago. I’m also rated in Lear jets, jet commanders and I have a commercial pilot license. I’m qualified to fly single and multiple engine airplanes, and jets. I’m instrument rated.” (February 17, 1972)

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Did you know… Danny flew twice the speed of sound!
Edwards Air Force Base - November 25, 1962

“Danny Kaye receives a Mach 2 emblem after flying twice the speed of sound in an F-104 Starfighter over Edwards Air Force Base while making a documentary film. Col. Ray Vandiver pins the Mach 2 emblem on Kaye after the 30-minute flight at a speed up to 1,380 m.p.h.

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