The majority of these articles I have retyped from old newspapers, which I found via the News Archives on Google.
Many hours of research went into finding these articles and retyping them! Enjoy!

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“Danny Kaye, The Family Man” - written by Danny's wife, Sylvia Fine;
March 1942; includes photo


# - Signifies an article written by Danny himself! -- 13 articles written by Danny!
^ - Signifies an article/interview with/about Sylvia
% - Signifies an article written by or about Danny's daughter, Dena

Questions & Answers - Q & A's from various newspapers [last updated 2/25/12]

Danny Kaye in the Columns - portions of various columns [last updated 6/4/13]

Stars and Stripes Articles - 3 articles (with pictures) compiled from the Stars and Stripes website (links included for reference)

The Sylvia and Danny Kaye Playhouse - articles pertaining to Sylvia Fine's donation

Danny Kaye & The Music Man - information (including articles and book snippets) regarding Danny and the musical The Music Man

On the Riviera Articles - these articles have been retyped "as is" from the Special Features of the "On the Riviera" DVD

Articles on Awards Received - these articles all mention various awards Danny won


"Danny Kaye Will Aid Hill City Youth Group" - press article/interview about Danny performing a special benefit concert; Oct. 1949 - includes photo

“England Loves Danny Kaye” - lengthy interview with Danny about his trip to England, including his account of the plane ride that nearly ended in tragedy; Oct. 1949

“Danny Kaye Won’t Talk Of Royalty” - interview with Danny about his performance in England; Oct. 1949

“Margaret Rose Dance Termed ‘Just Ordinary’” - article about Danny and Princess Margaret; Jul. 1949

“Danny Kaye To Make Appearances With His Latest Picture” - brief article; Jul. 1949

“Second Plane Hits Trouble In Flight” - an article (with quotes) about the plane ride that nearly ended in tragedy; Jul. 1949

“Stratocruiser Crippled at Sea; Danny Kaye, 63 Others Saved” - interview with Danny (and others) regarding the plane ride that nearly ended in tragedy; Jul. 1949

“Hysterical Girls Mob Danny Kaye” - brief article about Danny's fans; June 1949

“Injured After Visiting Saw, Danny Kaye Goes On with Show” - interview with Danny about the car accident in London; May 1949

“Mugging GBS Steals Show From Kaye in Home Movie” - article about Danny visiting George Bernard Shaw; May 1949 - includes photo

“Movies Saving Time, Money” - article/interview with Danny about The Inspector General and his singing; Dec. 1948

“Film Comic Gets Ideas From People” - small interview with Danny on where he gets his ideas from and The Inspector General; Nov. 1948

“Royal Invitation For Danny Kaye” - article regarding Danny's invitation to the Royal Command performance at the London Palladium; Oct. 1948

“Danny Kaye Is Real Showoff: Actor Wants People To Be Greatly Amused” - article on Danny; Oct. 1948

"Guys Who Try to Sing Like Danny Kaye Better Give Up" - interview with Danny about his singing and the movie The Inspector General; Sep. 1948

“Why Some Star Actors Are Worth Weight in Gold” - article about Danny and Gertrude Lawrence in "Lady in the Dark"; Feb. 1948

“Virginia and Danny To Go Separate Ways” - brief article with quote from Virginia Mayo; Feb. 1948

^ “Danny Kaye: Tells His Story” - interview with Danny about his split-up with Sylvia and leaving Sam Goldwyn; Oct. 1947

^ “The Secret Life of Danny Kaye” - article about Danny and his preference for live performing; Oct. 1947

Brief Articles Regarding A Song Is Born - 1947

“Baby Girl Born to Mrs. Danny Kaye” - brief article about Dena's birth; Dec. 1946

“Danny Kaye Is Latest Actor To Complain About Overwork” - small interview with Danny about wanting to take a break; Aug. 1946

“Danny Kaye’s Shopping For A Broadway Show” - a wonderful interview with Danny as an expectant father; Jul. 1946

“Eviction Threat Makes Kaye Indignant, Stubborn, Accusing” - interview with Danny about an eviction threat by his landlady; June 1946

Amusing Snippets Regarding Walter Mitty - some brief articles, amusing articles regarding Danny's antics on The Secret Life of Walter Mitty; 1946

"Trade Winds" Column - Bennett Cerf discusses his observations of Danny Kaye's fangirls; March 1946

“Radio: Git Gat Giddle” - lengthy Time magazine article about Danny; March 1946

“Danny Kaye Has No Urge to Lead Live Lion on Set” - article regarding a dropped scene from The Kid From Brooklyn; Jan. 1946

“40,000 Dollars A Minute For Mob Scene” - information regarding the filming of a scene in The Kid From Brooklyn; Jan. 1946

^ “Who Is Sylvia? What Is She? – Danny Kaye’s Inspiration” - an interview with Sylvia Fine about how she met Danny; Nov. 1945

“I Dare Say” - journalist's views on Danny, Sam Goldwyn, and behind-the-scenes on The Kid From Brooklyn; Sept. 1945

“Birds Bother Actor Kaye” - brief article about the filming of The Kid From Brooklyn; Aug. 1945

“Eve Arden, Danny Kaye Lucky For Each Other” - brief article about Eve Arden's new role in The Kid From Brooklyn; Aug. 1945

“Reporter’s Life Is A Tough One” - journalist visits the set of The Kid From Brooklyn and talks with boxing instructor, Johnny Indrisano; July 1945

^ “Danny Kaye – Untitled” - an article about Danny & Sylvia with an interesting layout; June 1945

“Danny Kaye, the Brooklyn Kid Is O-Kaye!” - article about an appearance in Milwaukee; Apr. 1945

Column: “New York Day By Day” - small interview with Danny & Sylvia about his radio show; Apr. 1945

“Danny Up Against a New Pitcher” - article about Danny's early career and his radio show; Jan. 1945

“Danny Kaye Teaches Danny Kaye to Sing” - brief article about Wonder Man; Oct. 1944

# “The Hollywood Column” - biographical article written by Danny; Oct. 1944

“Fine Future Assured For Danny Kaye” - article about Wonder Man and Danny's sudden fame; Aug. 1944

“Riding the Airwaves with Richard K. Bellamy” - article about Danny's future radio show; July 1944

“Danny Kaye A One-Man Double Bill” - amusing interview with Danny on the set of Wonder Man; July 1944

“Newest Screen Comedian Hailed As ‘Blockbuster’ in First Film” - early article about Danny what Danny's like; May 1944

^ “Danny Kaye Worries Plenty While Becoming Comedy Hit” - early article about Danny and his first movie Up in Arms; Apr. 1944

^ “Comedian Kaye Is Modest Despite Success in Film” - interview with Danny and Sylvia; Mar. 1944

“Danny and Dinah—They’re a New Team” - early article about Danny and his first movie Up in Arms; Mar. 1944

“Meet the Stars” - early article about who Danny is; Sep. 1943

“Poker-Face General Joins In Singing With Danny Kaye” - amusing article about Danny entertaining troops; Sep. 1943

“Danny Kaye Begins His First Movie” - article about Up in Arms with quotes from Danny and Dinah Shore; July 1943

“Danny Kaye Says His Wife Has Never ‘Lied’ to Him” - interview with Danny about his new Hollywood career; June 1943

"Little Street That Wasn't There, Isn't" - small interview with Danny about missing Brooklyn; May 1943

Small Snippet Regarding Up in Arms - brief article; 1943

“Another Chaplin Heading West? Watch Danny Kaye—Maybe He’s It” - early interview/article of Danny and his career; May 1942 - includes photo

^ “Wife Brings Kaye Success In Show” - interview with Sylvia about Danny and their history; Mar. 1942

“Danny Kaye Comedy High Spot Of Kind Public Now Seeks” - article about the Broadway play, Let's Face It, and Danny's singing; Dec. 1941

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